Easy Songwriter

Easy Songwriter 1.2

Write original songs and create demos for them
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Create songs step-by-step, add the orchestration even if you can't play any instrument, then overlay your voice karaoke style, synchronize everything and make demo tracks for your creations.

Easy Songwriter is a step-by-step songwriting program that helps music lovers write songs quickly and easily. Create and record your own songs without playing an instrument. Record your voice 'Karaoke' style together with synchronized lyrics and chords. Create demo tracks with added special effects in the comfort of your own home.
* With the multi-track recorder you can record multiple versions of your song.
* Sing and compose the melody while the synchronized lyrics and chords are displayed.
* Apply reverb special effects to achieve that professional sound that record companies and publishers are looking for.
* Navigate quickly to any part of the song using the progress bar and position indicator.
* Change the tempo to suit your style of singing.
* Use the repeat playback function and record parts of the song over and over until you are satisfied with the end result.
* Use the channel mixer to achieve a professional final mix of your song.
* The track synchronizer makes the program compatible with computers that have limited processing power.
* Even amateurs can write songs by refering to the detailed help file.

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